There is a large body of research and data on family engagement strategies and practices that goes back decades.  The research and data point toward an emerging set of best practices that are directly linked to improving student attendance, achievement, behavior, retention, and high school graduation.

The following covers some great starting points to learn more about the family engagement field.

Two books that helped to define the family engagement field and highlight the importance of school-family partnerships are:

Henderson, Anne T., Mapp, Karen L., Johnson, Vivian R., Davies, Don.
Beyond the Bake Sale; The Essential Guide to Family School Partnerships.  New York: The New Press, 2007. Print.

Bryk, Anthony S., Bender Sebring, Penny, Allensworth, Elaine, Luppescu, Stuart, Easton, John Q.
Organizing Schools for Improvement: Lessons from Chicago. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010. Print.

The Global Family Research Project has a host of comprehensive resources that cover the entire family engagement field.

The Flamboyan Foundation is a leader in family engagement research and practice. Their publications, guidance, and research are available for download from their resource library.

Parent Teacher Home Visits has catalogued the most relevant research on the impact of teacher home visits and can be contacted directly for a complete list.  These studies include:

Henke, L. “Connecting with Parents at Home.” Educational Leadership 68. 8 (2011): 38-41. Print.

Stetson, R.,  and E. Stetson, and B. Sinclair, and K. Nix. “Home Visits: Teacher Reflections about Relationships, Student Behavior, and Achievement.” Issues In Teacher Education 21. 1 (2012): 21-37. Print.