1647 provides training, coaching, and ongoing data support to implement family engagement strategies that lead to student learning and success in school.  

STEP 1: Building Trusting Relationships with Families

1647 prepares teachers to build positive relationships with their students’ families through mindset, readiness, and specific family engagement practice training sessions.

1647 trains teachers to maintain and strengthen their relationships with families through on-going communication methods that enable a two-way dialogue.

STEP 2: Empowering Families through Academic Partnerships

1647 trains and coaches teachers on how to create academic partnerships with families to support families working on academic skills with their children at home, for example through effective communication strategies and goal-setting parent-teacher conferences.


Effective family engagement begins with trusting relationships between schools and families.  School leaders and educators must create a school culture that pro-actively seeks to involve all families and welcomes them as equal partners in their child's education.  A holistic family engagement strategy combines community building events with actions that focus on student learning.


Holistic FE Chart.png